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Who We Are

Our organization is serving Ocean, Monmouth, Middlesex, and Union Counties, dedicated to the health and welfare of our animal friends and assistance, through education, for the humans who love them.

Puppy Love Pet Rescue of New Jersey has been rescuing animals for over 10 years. We are a network of volunteers providing refuge for homeless animals. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose animals under our care are in foster homes until they are adopted. Since we are familiar with their personalities, we are in an unique position to match the right pet with the right home. A second chance in life is all these animals want after being saved from being euthanized in most cases. We have dedicated ourself to providing them a safe haven,veterinary care if needed and the unconditional love until we find them their forever home. All our animals are up to date on shots, have been  or will be spayed or neutered and are ready to be loved by their new family. Our mission is to save as many animals as we can with the sources available to us. 



Our Mission

 -to provide refuge for homeless animals and animals in need and coordinate their placement in permanent and safe home environments;
-to provide education through publications, seminars, and discussions to the general public on animal health and welfare, behavior and care including the benefits of spaying and neutering;

-to provide information and referrals to affordable and low cost medical care including spay & neuter clinics and other animal medical and care facilities;

-to provide information on training, behavior modification and general handling instruction along with referrals to vetted and certified professionals in these areas;

-to liaise and network with other animal rescue organizations as part of a mutual effort to aid animals in distress;

-to solicit donations and funding from government agencies, corporations, private foundations, public charities, individuals and the general public at large to finance the medical, housing and other incidental costs of homeless animals while in the custody of the organization;

-to organize and participate in fundraisers to benefit furtherance of the overall main purpose and goals of the organization;

-to have the normal functions, operations, programs and pursuits incidental to a fully recognized and operational non-profit animal rescue organization.

Adopt One Save Two

Puppy Love is a charitable foster care organization with limited space. Every animal adopted creates an opening for another to be saved: saved from the streets, an abusive situation, or the euthanasia needle. When you adopt, your new furry friend will love you. The one you'll never know will thank you.

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