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Are you ready to adopt? Please consider the following:
Do you have the time required to care for this animal?
Can you afford the proper care?
Does your lifestyle include time for your new pet?
Is your house/apartment big enough?
Is your yard fenced?
Do you have time to walk and exercise your new friend?
Does your landlord allow you to have pets?
What size/weight limit ?
What other limitations are there?
There is a lot of responsibility with having a new pet. We want you to carefully consider this new responsibility, as these animals deserve to have a forever home. They have been tossed away once and it is our goal to make sure this never happens to them again. We consider it our responsibility to help you decide what pet would be a right match for your family, home and lifestyle. And we reserve the right to refuse any applicant that we feel will not take care of our friends to our high standards that they deserve.
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