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Why adopt and not buy from a breeder?

The #1 reason to adopt from a rescue group is that you are not promoting the over breeding and inhumane conditions so many dogs from backyard breeders or Puppy Mills endure.  Most puppies at a Puppy Store come from Puppy Mills.  If people would stop buying them, they will stop breeding them. To them it’s all about the money, not the dogs.

Rescue dogs come to us in a variety of ways: many of the dogs are surrendered by their owners, others are from unwanted litters because pets were not spayed or neutered, and many are dumped or lost and unclaimed from a shelter. 

Regardless of where they came from, they deserve a home where they can love and be loved.  They are grateful for a second chance at life and are happy to show you every day of their lives.  Talk to someone who has adopted a dog, they will tell you it is the best pet they ever had.

There is no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on a dog with “papers”.  You are not a breeder and your pets should be spayed or neutered to prevent over population and for the long term health benefits for your pet.

Puppy Love’s top priority are the animals in our care.  We charge a small fee to cover the costs of caring for the pets and providing vaccinations and medical care.  We donate our time, energy and homes to these precious dogs and cats until their forever homes can be found.  We take great care in selecting the pet's forever home.  We hope that you will choose the option to ADOPT before you buy a dog.

All you need to know about puppy mills



Why should I consider adopting an adult dog rather than a puppy?

While it may seem irresistible to adopt an adorable puppy and watch him grow up, we encourage anyone considering adopting to put alot of thought into this decision. It's important to remember that the cute, adorable puppy stage is extremely short and the chewing everything in sight and peeing in the house stages are extremely long.  The lifestyles and daily schedules of most of us will not accommodate the needs of a puppy.  They require more time and attention than most working folks have.  It's also important to know that a significant number of dogs awaiting adoption are surrendered at shelters because their owners did not anticipate the time and effort required to properly care for and train a puppy.  Adopting an adult dog gives so many benefits.  You won't have to be surprised, as many are, by how big your dog will grow.  Frequently, they are either already housebroken or nearly so.  They are no longer teething and will not chew the way a puppy will.  You will also not have to wait to know what kind of temperament your dog will have - his personality will be set.  Most importantly, wouldn't you like to be that special person who saves the life of a loving adult dog, while everyone else is flocking around the litter of puppies?


Where Do The Pets Live Until Adopted?

Puppy Love is a network of foster homes.  All of the animals under our care are in foster homes until they are adopted.  Since we are familiar with their personalities, we are in a unique position to match the right pet with the right home.


What is Fostering?

Puppy Love Pet Rescue does not have a shelter.  We have foster homes, which is where the homeless pets live while they are waiting for their permanent homes. Puppy Love could not exist without our foster homes.  Sadly, we don’t have nearly enough to shelter all the homeless animals.  We need generous people willing to share their homes and their love.  Someone interested in fostering could specify whether they wanted to foster a dog or cat, the number of animals to be fostered, and the length of time they wish to foster. Puppy Love can provide the food and supplies; the foster home provides the love and care.  Anyone wishing more information on fostering should call us at  (732) 914-0600 or send an e-mail to info@puppylovenjcom.


What happens if I adopt a pet and it doesn’t work out?

Our application review process is designed to prevent this from happening.  However, sometimes this is the case.  Part of the adoption contract specifies that if this happens, please contact Puppy Love Pet Rescue to discuss and we will try to  make arrangements for foster care. This is crucial because we have already rescued this animal; we don’t want the animal to ever be in jeopardy again.  The pet will then enter a foster home and again wait for a permanent home.


Why do I need to fill out an application?

The application is always the first step in adopting a pet.  The information contained on the application will help us to match the right pet with the right home. However, not all applications result in an adoption.  Please click the icon below to open up the Puppy Love on-line application.  When you have finished answering all the questions, click "submit" at the very bottom of the document.  Your answers will be automatically e-mailed to our volunteers.  Please understand that this process may take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on the amount of applications we receive and the schedules of our very giving volunteers.

How much is the adoption fee?

Cats and Kittens - $200.00
Adult dogs- $400.00

Puppies- $450.00

What services are provided?

All cats are tested for feline leukemia and feline aids. The animals are up to date on all vaccinations (age appropriate) and those over 3 months are spayed/neutered.  All adoptable animals live with us until they find permanent loving homes.


How can I help?

VOLUNTEER! - Any time is appreciated.  Please fill our on-line application and check the box for "volunteer" or call Puppy Love at

(732) 914-0600 or e-mail us at

DONATE! - We are in desperate need of funding to care for our animals (please make all checks payable to Puppy Love Pet Rescue).

                    P.O Box 108, Roselle Park, NJ 07204.

LOVE! - Do the humane thing and spay/neuter your pet.

ADOPT! - Consider adoption as an alternative to purchasing a new friend from a pet store or breeder.

FOSTER! - An alternative to adopting. Puppy Love will provide all supplies and medical care. All you need to provide is patience and loving care.

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